Friday, January 22, 2016

Movie Review: ***Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

This is a silly movie I started watching at Camberly's and finished up with Tony at our house.  I think this movie is very appealing to children.  It tells the story of Private for the most part.  How he was the egg that was going to be left behind, but was rescued by the three penguins and these four are the Penguins of Madagascar.  They are a spy group, but have competition in the spy business from a group who just want our penguins out of the way.  They are both in pursuit of the evil octopus, who holds a grudge against all zoo and performance penguins as they are "so cute" they cut out the octopus act at the zoo.  The octopus bitterness runs deep, and he is determined to turn the penguins into monsters and set them loose on the city.  His plan would work, except for private, whose is just too cute.  The theme of this story is that all are important, even the lowest of us.  Also that getting along is more productive than competed, as the two spy groups reconcile in the end.

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