Thursday, January 7, 2016

Movie Review: ****Purgatory (1999)

This is a very intriguing movie.  Sonny (Brad Rowe) is on his first ride with his uncles outlaw gang.  He is riding with Blackjack (Eric Roberts).  As they will, things go awry with their holdup, They get shot up, but escape with the money, and some wounded riders.  When the posse catches up to them, the horse with all the money is killed.  They cannot rescue it, in fact barely get away, through a mountain pass, and to an unexpected city.  The pose as cattlemen who fell on hard times.  The citizens of the town, Purgatory, welcome them to anything the town has to offer.  Slowly the mystery unravels.  These are all people who have killed others.  They are now in purgatory awaiting their final destination.  They are all pious, abhor guns and violence.  However this gang of thugs is sitting on their last nerve.  Sonny falls for one of the women, Rose (Amelia Heinle) and over time Sonny discovers the secret.  Also in town are Wild Bill Hickock (Sam Shepherd), Billy the Kid (Donnie Wahlberg) Jesse James (JD Souther) and Doc Holliday (Randy Quaid).  We are headed for a show down.  However if the people in purgatory go back to their old ways they are doomed the hell.

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