Saturday, January 23, 2016

Children's Book Review: The Ugly Duckling (El Patito Feo)

The Ugly Duckling (El Patito Feo), adaptation by Merce Escardo I Bas and illustrated by Max, Chronicla Books, San Francisco, CA 1997.  This is a dual language book.  I like these as I can compare side by side and thereby improve my Spanish.  It seems there is always a word to add to my vocabulary.
This is based on the classic Hans Christian Andersen story, although he is not credited.  The story is pretty much the basic Ugly Duckling story, however it adds some depth as it tells what happened to the duck over the winter when he left the other ducklings to be to himself.  You can only put up with so much negativity.
I really like the theme; we never know what we will turn out to be and should not base our feelings of self on the opinions of others who do not know where we come form.  At the same time, others should give up the bullying and negativity and realize we all have a place.  Illustrations are adequate.  I like the necks of the swans.

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