Thursday, January 21, 2016

Movie Review: Nanny McPhee

This is an excellent movie.  Emma Thompson played a huge part in this project.  She wrote the screen play based on the book by Christiana Brown.  Thompson also star as Nanny McPhee.  Her character changes the most, from an ugly nanny to a handsome woman.  As she teaches the children lessons, her warts and other blemishes disappear.  She comes to a family in need.  Mr. Brown (Colin Firth) has lost his wife, and has seven uncontrollable children.  They chase away all available nannies.  Mts. McPhee is the last hope.  Only through magic is she able to teach her lessons.  "As long as you need me, even though you don't want me I will stay.  When you no longer need me, even if you want me, I will have to go."
Mr. Brown is desperate to find a wife, at the insistence of his former wife's Aunt Adelaide (Angela Lansbury).  She has given him a deadline, and as a result he makes a very poor choice.  When the wedding falls through, they are due to be kicked out of the house if an alternative bride is not found.  Simon (Thomas Sangster) suggests the scullery maid, who was taken in by the aunt and refined.  Evangeline (Kelly Macdonald) and Mr. Brown do love each other.  

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