Sunday, January 24, 2016

Book Review: The Last Apprentice 10: Lure of the Dead

Lure of the Dead by Joseph Delaney, illustrated by Patrick Arasmith, Greenwillow Books, Harper Collins, New York, 2012.
This is the tenth book of this series of witch hunting and battling with the dark.  This book represents quite a battle, and for a time it appears the end of the spook.  It is looks like the head of the Fiend may be lost as the Romanian witches are conjuring a God of the dark.  However Tom Wards mother is with him I spirit and guides his steps. 
This book is exciting, and growing more so. Alice has returned to the dark, seeking a special weapon to complete a set needed to end the fiend.  However, if what Tom's mother has said is true, Tom will need to sacrifice the person he loves most, Alice in this case.  How will he ever do this?

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