Sunday, September 6, 2015

Music Review: Finding Neverland the Musical

This link gets you to a playlist of songs form Finding Neverland.  This is a new musical which opened this year.  The music is intriguing.  It is written by Gary Barlow.  The performers include Matthew Morrison as J.M. Barry, Laura Michelle Kelly as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, Kelsey Grammer as Hook and Aiden Gemme as Peter Llewelyn.  I you haven't listened to this music you should.  It is very uplifting.  It includes Grammer singing "Play" in which he reminds us not to forget about being children.  Grammer also confronts Barrie in "Live by the Hook" and "Stronger."  There is a lovely duet between Morrison and Kelly, "What you Mean to Me."  In this they sing "Second star on the right and strait on till morning."  Barrie struggles with the boys, who have lost their father and he befriends the family.  Peter Pan is based very much upon their play.  There is a very good duet between Morrison and Gemme about letting imagine help cure our ills.
There is much here.  I think the highlight is the music at the end, "Neverland" and "Finale" are very climatic.  This is music that leaves you feeling good.

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