Monday, September 21, 2015

Music Review: Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits: 1987

This is an anthology of the best songs of 1987.  Granted I am a "fuddy duddy" but some of this music does register with me.  What does strike a chord of please are: “The One I love” by REM.  There is a great guitar line and the lyrics are nice.  Grateful Dead does “Touch of Grey.”  This too has a very pleasant feel.  There is the Amway Convention anthem, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”  This brings back memories of many an Amway convention, and you can see why.  It gets your blood rolling.  “Shake You Down” by Gregory Abbott is also very nice.  The back-up vocals really make this song. “I can give you all the love that you need.”  It sounds cool.

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