Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Book Review: The Last Apprentice (five): Wrath of the Bloodeye (2008)

The Last Apprentice (five): Wrath of the Bloodeye, Joseph Delaney illustrated by: Patrick Arrasmith, Glenwillow Books,  New York, 2008.
In this book, because of the danger to the Apprentice, he is loaned out to another Spook for further training.  Bill Arkwright is more demanding, especially physically.  He is younger and determined to help the apprentice improve his fighting skills with the staff, by beating up our apprentice until he picks up the skills. Arkwright lives in the north, closer to the ocean and in marshy country.  The Apprentice will face attacks from the water witches.  Of special note is the Bloodeye, whose eye makes hypnotizes those who see it; but only one person at a time.  She is a fierce opponent, and is the daughter of the Fiend.  A strange alliance with past enemies develops, but can this alliance be trusted?  I am enjoying this series.  The back cover says these books should not be read at night, and true they have some scary characters. 

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