Saturday, September 26, 2015

Movie Review: **^Domino Kid (1957)

This is a post Civil War movie.  Domino (Rorie Calhoun) returns home form the war to find his father murdered, and his father's cattle stolen.  He then goes on a person vendetta to get even for his father and to get the five men who killed his father.  Four of the men are identified by a witness.  The fourth however is not.  Domino goes about killing each of the men in a gun battle.  It turns out self defense in each instance as the play on Domino knowing he is coming for them.  When he gets the fourth man, he is wounded, so returns home to recuperate where he meets his old girt.  Now there is a second suitor.  One who feels Domino is no good for the town and wants to run him out.  IN the mean time the fifth murderer makes his play on Domino, and in the gun battle against he an his men, the feud in town is resolved as they battle together.

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