Saturday, September 5, 2015

Movie Review: ****Hombre (1967)

This is a very good Western, with Paul Newman as the misunderstood John Russell.  Russell was stolen from his family when a boy and raised by the Apache.  He is more comfortable among the Apache than the White people, but he comes back and changes his image when his father passes away.  He must deal with his inheritance.  This is during the time after most of the Apache had been taken prisoner.
In this movie there is a goat, and a group of bad men lead by Grimes (Richard Boone).  The goat is the for Indian agent who is returning East.  He has a pile of cash from taken payment for feeding the Indians, but pocketing most of it and letting the Apache die.  In this case the robbery is those trying to steal this money.  They rob a stage, in which Russell is a passenger, with several other men and women.  The thieves take a hostage, but Russell's gun is left.  He gets this and finishes off a couple of the robbers.  One was taking the water and the money; and now this group of victims has water and the money.  The other outlaws will surely be back.

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