Thursday, September 24, 2015

Movie Review: ***The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949)

Bill Doolin (Randolph Scott) is a notorious outlaw and leader of the Doolin gang.  When the law gets close he decides to disband for three months.  The members of the gang are to lie low.  He himself buys a ranch with money from a bank robbery,  and courts a young woman (Virginia Huston), falls in love and marries.  He now regrets the life he chose, that of being an outlaw.  When his men come to get hm three months later, his identity is revealed to the family of his new bride.  He realizes he doesn't want to subject her to a life on the run and returns to the gang.  Several months later, when the law is close he flees to the ranch he bought, and his wife is still waiting.  They have a chance if they can get to a land where the law hasn't reached yet; they could start over as farmers.  However the law is close, and he realized he cannot subject his wife to a life on the run, so the split up.  The lawman provides a narration, which is sort of corny with its moralistic tone.  The overall theme is crime doens't pay, and you can't change who you are.

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