Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book Review: The Last Apprentice (6) The Clash of the Demons

The Last Apprentice (6) Clash of the Demons Joseph Delaney Patrick Arrasmith, Glenwillow Books, New York, 2009.
This book is highlighted by the clash of two demons, Lamia (who turns out to be the mother of the apprentice) and the Ordeen, an ancient monster from the depths who reappears every seven years in Greece bent on destruction and drinking the blood of others.  With her comes a whole host of other bad things, Lamia witches and elementals which are fiery orbs that burn people.  Of course the Ordeen is the worst enemy of these.  And that is the task of our group this time, the destruction of the Ordeen.  Mam or Lamia, the Apprentice’s mother is a long enemy of the Ordeen, and has planned for its destruction for years; however with the reappearance of the Fiend (Devil) the dark is becoming more powerful, and the Ordeen will soon become even more destructive.  Mam makes an alliance of witches and spooks, normally on opposite sides of the spectrum, to help her in this task.  Many perils are faced.  Lamia witches want to suck your blood, tappers crash the roofs of caves on your head, and many other perils from the dark side. 
In this case the final victory comes with a heavy cost.  Our apprentice bargains his soul to the Fiend in order to achieve success.  Some day that debt will come due.

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