Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Music Review: Reba Greatest Hits Volume III

The subititle for this CD is I'm a Survivor based on one of the new songs on the CD.  This CD presents three songs that are new to Reba, and 12 of her greatest hits.  The song I most enjoyed was "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia."  Of course this song is not original to Reba, but she seems to perform it with a special flare.  I like the was her voice adds something to the songs.  It is clear, but also has a highly entertaining flavor.  She does a duet with Vince Gill which is also very effective.  She adds a coupe featured guests, Brooks and Dunn" on another song, "If You See Him, If You See Her" which is also enjoyable.
Most of Reba's songs aren't familiar to me.  I have not been a big follower of her career.   However I was in the mood from some country style love and breaking up songs; and this seemed to fill the bill today. 

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