Friday, June 20, 2014

Movie Review: ***^God is Not Dead

God is Not Dead
This movie had a lot of potential, but in the end did not quite live up to that potential in my opinion, while Sheri said she thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  The pretext is a new college freshman takes a philosophy class, and is required on the first day of class to write on a paper “God is dead.”  He is a Christian and says he cannot do this.  As a result he enters into a debate with the professor.  His girlfriend leaves him as she feels he is jeopardizing his chances of becoming a lawyer.  It seems nobody but his pastor supports him, but he pursues this path feeling it is something God wants him to do. 
There are several side stories, the pastor and his missionary friend having difficulty getting to Disney World, a blogger who blogs against Jesus, but discovers he has cancer, the professor’s girlfriend whose mother has Alzheimer’s, and whose brother is so intent on being successful, he doesn’t visit.   They all head for a big crash at the end.  The student gets to professor to admit that he is angry at God because of his mother’s death; and the student concludes, how can you be angry at someone who doesn’t exist, the professor’s girlfriend leaves him over the issue of God, and he realizes maybe it is time to give his life to God, the blogger seeks out a Christian band to confront them, and the pastor and friend are off to Disney World but stuck in the concert traffic.
Too much something for my taste, and just a bit too something in the end for me.

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