Thursday, June 26, 2014

Movie Review: ****The Net (1995)

The Net, (1995) This is a very intense movie.  It sparks the question, what happens if those who run the internet turn against the people they are serving?  Could they really take away someone’s identity and replace her with someone else?  Identity theft is such a big deal it makes this movie all the move relevant.    Sandra Bullock stars as Angela Bennett who works as a computer programmer, and whose mother has Alzheimers.  When Bennett comes upon a conspiracy plot of computer program company manipulating security so the government is forced to buy their product,; and then they will have complete control of the internet.  She makes her discovery known, and sets herself up as a target.  There are attempts made against her life, and against her identity.  Her existence is erased and she is given a different name, someone with a criminal past and who is wanted. 
The only way to restore her existence is to use her computer skills to go after those who are doing this to her. 
Things I didn’t like, the computers screens appeared to melt form a virus.  I didn’t know they did that.  Also the bad guys weren’t very well prepared.  However this is a good tense filled movie lots of fun.

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