Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Review: The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle

The Heroes Guide to Storming the Castle, Christopher Healy, Walden Pond Press, New York, 2013.
This book is a fun ride.  It is the sequel to “The heroes Guide to Saving Your Kingdom”.  For the most part, it has the same characters, except for adding the really bad people from Dar.  They intermingle with the robbers of Rauberia, and threaten the world. 
But I am getting ahead of myself.  This book starts with the forced marriage of Briar Rose and Liam, or sleeping beauty and her Prince Charming.  Turned out in the last book, Liam wanted out of the marriage, but Briar rose could not have that.  In addition, Briar has a plot to steal a sword with magical powers from the robbers Rauber.  This is the sword of Arinthia, the which was stolen by Deeb Rauber and his men, but they do not know its magical powers.  Liam and the Order of Prince Charming are given the task.  They recruit a troll, a giantess, Rapunzel who is a healer, a bounty hunter, Liam’s sister Lila who is also adept and getting into small places, Snow White, Ella (Cinderella) as well as the original order of the four Princes Charming, and they are off.  Unfortunately they also recruit someone to pretend to be a thief; but turns out to really be a thief.  Everything goes wrong, or at least not like they had planned it. 
This is a very enjoyable book and I recommend it highly.  It leaves things in the air, and the next book has not come out yet which is a bit frustrating.

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