Friday, June 6, 2014

Movie Review: ****Daddy Day Care

Two men Phil (Jeff Garlin) and Charlie (Eddie Murphy) hit upon the idea of forming a day care after they are laid off, and have difficulty finding affordable day care.  There is one program in town, very structured and very expensive.  The owner (Anjelica Huston) of the alternative day care does not like any one messing with her turf.  She keeps turning licensing on them in an effort to get them yo else shop.  Somehow they always meet code, until they realize they have too many kids for two men.  They recruit a third from their work, Marvin (Steve Zahn) who says yes, seeing an opportunity to really make a difference.  However they did a bigger place, for which they need money.  They hold a huge fund raise, sabotaged by their rival.  However they keep plugging away, until their old jobs come back. Marvin is crushed.  The other two fathers realize maybe they were hasty.  There is something to be said for nurturing children, especially with your own little ones.
Many things to like here.  How they entertain the kids, how they incorporate management and business skills to the children, and how they grow together.  Tony loves this show, and it is a good family film.

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