Saturday, June 18, 2016

Father's Day Movies

Hook One of the best father's Day Movies is Hook starring Robin Williams as an older Peter Pan, who realizes his happy spot is being a father.

Beauty and the Beast A father and daughter show incredible love for each other.

Daddy Day Care features Eddie Murphy as a father who realizes that spending time with his son is more important than being part of the business rat race.

Finding Nemo stars Albert Brooks as Marlin, a father looking for his son.  He is helped by Dory (Ellen DeGeneres).

Finding Dory again stars Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres, but we are introduced to Hank the Octopus (Ed O'Neill).

Elf features a young man (Will Carrol) who has been raised by en elf (Bob Newhart.)

The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews teaches us about fathering after widowhood.  Captain Von Trapp grows and learns to love again, which in turn leads to the family singing together.

Taken, Taken II and Taken III show fatherhood in a totally different light as Liam Neeson protects his daughter and his family

Father of the Bride, Father of the Bride II both have some very tender fathering scenes.  Of course with the marriage in Father of the Bride, this movie includes some rare pearls of wisdom from a father.

The Incredibles provide a very humorous look at a family who is struggling with controlling the super powers

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  1. Charity Hall: Father of the Bride, Little Giants, Frequency, Firewall, The Incredibles, Mr. Mom, The Sound of Music, Taken.