Sunday, June 26, 2016

Movie Review: ****Finding Dory (2016)

Just back from Finding Dory and had a good time with the grandkids.  We went to the sensitivity challenged showing, and a few of the kids had difficulty getting settled at the first, but everyone was accepting, and the settled in, and we all had a good time.  We had Skylar, Bronnie, Tony, Miranda and Sheri and I.  The show was entertaining with these sea creatures telling the story of how Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) found herself in the ocean not knowing where she was from.  Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and Marlin (Albert Brooks) go with Dory to find her parents.  We meet some new characters in this show, including the whale, Destiny (Kaitlin Olson) that taught Dory how to speak whale, and Hank (Ed O'Neill) the Octopus, really septipus because he lost one leg in the kid zone of the theme park.  There is plenty of peril, and strange twists, as Dory's quest takes her to a fish sanctuary, where Sigourney Weaver announces that the goal of the institute is the "rescue, rehabilitate and release."  There is a very cute scene where hank drives a baby carrier, and then later a truck.  This film talks about the importance of family, and coming home.

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