Thursday, June 18, 2015

TV Review: PBS Indie Shorts

I just watched three intriguing short on PBS.  More to come.  I was set to watch a fourth, but it said adult content so I figured it was too mature for me.
I watched "11 Paper Place" which was an animated feature.  It showed the life of paper in the recycle bin.  How the papers decided which became people and which became buildings etc. I don't know.  However if you are in a recycle bin be aware of the recycle man.
"20/Nothing" is a documentary where a man with just one eye talks about how he lost his eye, and how this has effected his life.  He says it makes him unique.
Finally "The Future is Crowd Funded" tells the story of a couple, who were excited about traveling to Mars to be part of the colonization.  However, in the training the male candidate is reject, while the wife is accepted.  What would you do your last few days on earth; how would you respond to leaving a relationship, and all you other family and friends with no prospect of ever coming back.  This movie poses some very interesting questions.

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