Sunday, June 7, 2015

Movie Review: ***^Paper Moon (1973)

This is the classic con man movie starring Ryan and Tatum O'Neal.  It was filmed in black and white.  Moses (Ryan O'Neal) is convinced (as a possible father) to take Addie (Tatum O'Neal) to her Aunt in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Moses is able to get $200 From the man who killed Addie's mother in a car accident.  He spends the money on his own car, and Addie accuses him from stealing from her.  A relationship develops in which they con across the state of Kansas with good luck and bad luck.  The develop a relationship with each other.
This movie has some humorous parts.  Such as when they pull a con on a store with a gambling game and the Addie wins all the store owner's money.  There basic con is selling bibles, to widows whose husbands reportedly ordered the bibles.  They harvest the names of the widows from the newspaper.
They form a nice relationship, based on conning and theft, which goes along well until Moses become infatuated with a woman.  Then the two-some becomes a four-some, with Addie having jealousy issues.  The two newcomers are Miss Trixie and her servant.  The servant gives Addie a friend, but Miss Trixie is butting in.  Addie devices a plan, using another man, to get rid of Miss Trixie, so they are back on the rode again.  However this time they get into bootlegging, and lots of trouble.
This movie includes the bad education of a child, as well as a child smoking.  However what makes this work is the on-film relationship of a real life father and daughter.  

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