Saturday, June 6, 2015

Book Review: Terminal (Tunnels 6)

This is the sixth and final installment of this series of science fiction, world inside our world books.  What is worse, the people living inside want to get rid of t he people living on the surface.  We continue to follow Will and Elliot who are in the center of the world, and appear to be the only ones living after the release of a deadly virus (they were inoculated).  However they find a few survivors, and then with them go on a search for an answer to stop the war.  Eliot, because of her Styx (the bad guys) blood is able to work things in the inner world, and senses that she has to fix things.  She is the only one who can.
However her efforts put she and Will back in danger way.  In the meantime, everything on the surface is going to heck; especially around London.  Who can stop the Armagi, the killing creatures of the Styx.  They seem to be all powerful, but not powerful enough to rip open a tank.
This final book leaves some to be desired.  There is lots of death.  There are also dangling things out their at the end, and questions unanswered.  After six books, it is hard to tie up everything.

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