Saturday, June 6, 2015

Music Review Neon Trees: Habits

Habits, 2010-2011  I wouldn't know anything about neon trees except for my son Caleb, who in his years singing covered a couple of their songs.  One is in this album, "Animal".  This is a song about passion, but it is very catchy.  Not only "Animal" but " 1983".  On this album is also a bonus track which Caleb also performed, "farther Down."  "I want to shake up your system, I want to rattle your bones."  I love it, even though I am an old fuddle duddle.  The think that sets this group apart is the singing of Tyler Glen.  He has a style which is uniquely his own.  And the beating of Elaine Bradley is very complementary, and the guitars make for some good music.
This music is considered alternative rock.  "Animal" is probably their most popular son, making it to number 13 on the billboard charts, and number 1 on the alternative rock chart.

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