Friday, January 6, 2017

Movie Review: ***^Passengers (2016)

This movie has a fascinating premise, you are woken 89 years before your arrival on a ship where you are suppose to hibernate for 90 years on your way to a colony.  The ship is on autopilot, and suppose to regulate itself.  However, a large asteroid causes a miss function, and one of the hibernating pods frees the passenger.  The only other beings on the ship are robots, cleaning, medical, and a bar tender (Michael Sheen).  SO the dilemma is created when our passenger (Chris Pratt) spies a woman in her functioning pod, who fascinates him.  He begins to study her, listens to her video blog.  She is a writer, and intends to write stories no one has written before.  He studies her (Jennifer Lawrence) and also the functioning of the ship.  He discovers that he could also cause a malfunction in her pod, and awaken her; but should he.  Of course in the end he does, and then there are two alive.  He however is carrying a very big secret.  Another crew member is also awoken, (Laurence Fishburn), however in his case, there are also physical health problems from the process.  However, he knows enough to know that something is wrong with the ship, and it is getting worse.  I really enjoyed this movie.  It is a romance in space, and an Adam and Eve type scenario.  Very fun.

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