Thursday, January 5, 2017

Movie Review: **^Continental Divide (1981)

When your star investigative columnist becomes the brunt of death threats what do you do as an editor?  You send him to get a story in the middle of no place with the hopes that the trouble will go away.  However you must live with the consequences.  This movie has John Belushi as the ace reporter, Ernie Souchak, and Blair Brown as the living in the wilds eagle enthusiast, Nell Porter.  Who knows how, but they hit it off.  Now the question is how do they manage life in two different worlds.  This movie features great views of the Wyoming and Colorado Rockies, as well as great film of eagles.  As for this budding relationship, it is cute, and at times the participants are desperate, and in the end it becomes a long train ride of whoopee leading to marriage.  It doesn't show the marriage after, nor what happens with those after Kouchak.

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