Sunday, January 8, 2017

Movie Review: ***^Fences

As I watched this movie, I was thoroughly convinced that Denzel Washington and Viola Davis would compete for oscars as the husband an wife Troy and Rose Maxson, who are the focus of this character study.  However another worthy performance is that of Mykelti Williamson who portrays Troy's brother who has brain damage form the war.  This movie gives you the feel that you are sitting in on this family, as they relieve tension after work, with their good friend Bono (Stephen Henderson)  The relationship between Troy and his son (Jovan Adepo) is played up in the advertising, but this seems only a back story compared to that of the couple.  The other son is Lyons (Russel Hornsby) a struggling musician.  I was enjoying this movie, but eventually the character of troy began to seem too shallow.  When he explains his reason for having an affair was because he needs to laugh, and lost my sympathy for the character.  At that point the show went from being a best picture nominee to just being a cliche.  that person who deserves honor is Viola Davis.  Her reaction to the above revelation from Troy is beautifully done.

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