Monday, January 2, 2017

Movie review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts is the prequel to the Harry Potter.  It is produced and story from J.K. Rowling.  It features the author of one of Harry Potter's favorite books.  Newt (Eddie Redmayne) is a collector of fantastical beasts, which he keeps in his suitcase (magically expandable).  He has traveled to America to release a Thunderbird in Arizona.  However, first one, and then a few more of his beasts get away and cause problems.  Tina (Katherine Waterston) arrest him and takes him to the Ministry of Magic.  She is a disenfranchised Auror and is trying to get in the good graces of the ministry.  However they don't believe her and send her on her way.  Newt befriends Kowolski (Dan Fogler) who is a no-mag (normal person).  They also meet Tina's sister, Queenie (Alison Sudol) and the four make quite a group, and engage in capturing the creatures.  At the same time an obscurus loss in the city, causing great damage and in fact killing people.   This includes a senator.  The head of the Aurors (Colin Ferrel) is very interested in the obscurus, and maintains an investigation outside of the ministry.  Newt and Tina are blamed for the deaths perpetrated by the obscurus, and sentenced to immediate death.  Only with magical creatures, and Queenis's help are the able to escape.
There is plenty of action here, and the creatures are unique and interesting.  They seem to make this movie.  The antics of different creatures are very well done.  I really enjoyed this film.  by the time this film is over, they must erase the memories of the entire town, including Kowolski who is having a romantic relation with Queenie.  However some memories linger in his subconscious.

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