Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Music Review: Lonestar: This Christmas Time (2000)

This is country music with a country flavor.  The "O Holy Night" is original and fresh with their style.   It loses the triplets familiar in the piano, which I like.  In this case the presentation is dependent more on the vocal.  Their version of "Drummer Boy" is forgettable.  There is not enough percussion which is the trade mark of this song.   "Winter Wonderland" has a more upbeat rhythm and its catchy as a result.  In contrast "The Christmas Song" is sung with acoustic guitar only and was the mellow Holiday feel.  "The Reason for the Season" is a song new to me.  This song really hits the Christmas message beautifully.  This is likely the highlight of this C.D. I found myself singing with "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."  This was very well done.  Another song new to me is "This Christmas Time."  It is very well done, and has very good energy as they sing of being together.  they also provide a beautiful song in "If Every Day Could Be Christmas."  This is another song with which i was not familiar and the message is very poignant.  That we open up and give with our hearts, which is a message we should carry with us all year.

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