Sunday, October 30, 2016

Music Review: Tango Al Rojo Vivo, Enzo Peiret with the Buenos Aires Quartet

Tango music makes my blood boil.  It is so passionate.  You have the piano playing a few bass notes, and then the accordian kicks in.  It is so cool!  I jump up and always try to engage Sheri in a Tango dance (not that I know how to dance Tango but I could pretend) but I end up dancing around her.  And when they sing of kissing, I just have to kiss Sheri.  On of the songs is even entitled "Passional." "You'll never know what it is t die a thousand times from anxiety, you'll never know what it is to love, to want your kisses."  And in every moment, feverish and loving, I want your lips to kiss."
Man I love this stuff!!!

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