Sunday, October 2, 2016

Music Review: Julio Iglesias: Mexico

Even though this C.D. is entitled Mexico, the common theme of Julio Iglesias is "Love."  All of his songs are brimming with love, and his manner of singing expresses that feeling of love throughout.  I am talking of romantic love.  I really enjoyed the song "Jurame" "Promise Me."  "Promise me that even if a lot of time passes you will never forget the moment."  It has a section where there are some fascinating rhymes.  It also has a big "Besa me, con un beso enamorado."  "Kiss me with a kiss of love."  Who could not like that.
He follows with "Ella" another song just overflowing with love.  It seems all of his songs are brimming with love themes.
The song "Sway" has a big band feel.  He sings this song in English.  "Sway with me, stay with me, you have a way with me."  This is great dancing music.
Even when he sings of relationships, he does so with a feeling of love, "Echame a mi la Culpa" "Give me the blame."
"Y Nos Dieron las Diez" has a feel of Argentine tango with an accordion playing.
He does turn to Mexico in two verions of "Mexico Lindo" but still his songs are full of love.  "Mexico, beautiful and beloved, if a die far away from you, may they say I am sleeping and bring me to you."
Julio Iglesias has such a soft but vibrant voice.  I have always enjoyed listening to him since I was in Argentina on my mission and introduced to him.

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