Sunday, October 30, 2016

Movie Review: ***Hotel Transylvania II

Adam Sandler helped write this movie, as well as providing his voice talents for the character of Dracula.  His daughter is voiced by Selena Gomez.  In Hotel Transylvania I she married a human (voiced by Andy Samberg.)  In this episode they have a child.  Will he be human or vampire?  that is the big question, and where will he fit in?  Great Grandfather comes and says he just needs a good scare to bring out his fangs.  But in this case, that doesn't help.  However, his friend being in peril just might work.
This is a fun Halloween movie.  I must admit, I have not seen Hotel Transylvania, but hope to do so.  It is not available on Instant Netflix while this version is.  
My only complaint is the nipple twisting scene.  Of course it is the blind man's nipples being twisted, but Sandler seems to be infatuated with this move, as it is also in "Water Boy."

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