Sunday, December 27, 2015

Story Review: The Fir Tree: Hans Christian Anderson

This is a story about a tree who wants to be useful.  This tree was a complainer.  It had plenty of sunshine and warmth, but complained it wasn't as large as the older trees.  When he had reached his full growth, woodcutters came and chopped down tress, hauling them away.  He wondered where they could have gone, and wished he could have joined them.  He was advised by his friends to savor his youth.  Then the woodmen returned and selected the most beautiful trees, hauling them off with their branches in tact.  He again was skipped and complained he was taller than some trees taken.  The sparrows knew where they had gone, for they had seen then in houses decorated and adorned.  The tree could not rejoice in his own lot, in the fresh air and sunshine, but was always wanting to be someplace else.  Then just before Christmas it was taken and placed in a large courtyard of a home.  It was adorned and beautified.  hen the children rushed in, and pulled the presents that had been left in its branches.  The tree thought they would decorate it again, but instead it was placed in the attic and forgotten.  When is was pulled out it was old an brittle.  It was taken outside in the sun.  The children thought it ugly.  It befriended a mouse who talked to it of its life.  The tree regretted that it hadn't enjoyed its youth.

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