Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Music Review: Navidad Andina: Wayanay Inka

I was walking through the flea market in Stockton today, and heard Peruvian flute.  I went to the booth, and was able to purchase a CD of Andean flute music.  I now have a CD which drives Sheri crazy, but which I love.  I have loved Peruvian flute music since I visited there on my way home from my mission, and we went to a folkloric presentation.  The highlight of this CD, I think, is "Greensleeves," which also has Christmas lyrics, "What Child is This."  The flute playing exciting triplets with the melody is fantastic.  I wished I could have bottled Sister Christensen's version at the Northland Christmas party, but at least I have this version.  There is plenty of Christmas music here, but the songs I like the most are those not so familiar.  These include "Papa Guido" and "Madre."  This is just beautiful to my ears.  I would recommend anyone to the weekly flea market at Delta Junior College to get their own Peruvian flute music.  I may return for some more myself as there were other CDs.

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