Sunday, December 6, 2015

Movie Review: **^Christmas Bounty (2013)

I am not sure if there is much to recommend this movie, unless you like seeing beautiful people.  Our beautiful woman, Tory (Francia Raisa) from New Jersey, moved to Manhattan to make her way in society.  She meets Mr. Perfect (Will Greenberg) and life is on its way.  However back in New Jersey is her former life as a bounty hunter.  When one of her former catches is released from prison he is after her to get even for his last five years in prison.  She has not admitted to Mr. Perfect her former life, but she is drawn back into it to protect herself from the bad guy.  Mr. Perfect follows her, and runs into her former boyfriend, Mike Muscles (Mike Mizanin).  Mr. Perfect's lack of knowledge about the bounty life puts his own life is jeopardy.  He follows her to propose marriage.  He brings a big ring.  He eventually is kidnapped.  Now beautiful woman and Mike Muscles must rescue him.

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