Sunday, December 20, 2015

Movie Review: ***^The Great Rupert (1950)

This movie is actually quite entertaining.  Rupert is a dancing squirrel.  Of course the special effects aren't the greatest.  Rupert is obviously a puppet or stuffed animal.  The squirrel effects two families, land lord and tenant.  Louie Amendola (Jimmy Durante) heads a family of down-on-their luck entertainers.  They befriend Peter Dingle (Tom Drake) (especially his daughter (Terry Moore)) whose father is a landlord with a vacant apartment. They can't pay the rent.   However, money starts raining from heaven.  What is happening is the landlord upstair puts 15 $100 bills in his wall for safe keeping every week.  However for his part, the squirrel gets the money and drops it down to the family below, where the mother is praying for money.  Using the money from the squirrel, the tenant's father invests in the son of the landlord, in a oil well.  The landlord does not believe in investing.  The tenants get rich, investing in most of the businesses in the area.  This includes investing in the landlord's son who invests in an oil well.  The landlord never recoups his money, as somehow the squirrel sets the house on fire.  He likewise never realizes where it has gone.  The oil well hits, and in the meantime the son's song also comes out on the radio.  Things look up all around.  The tenant, who has invested money wisely for some time becomes rich, and rebuilds the landlord's home.

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