Sunday, December 6, 2015

Movie Review: ****An American Christmas Carol (1979) Henry Winkler

This is an American version of A Christmas Carol.  There are a few differences in the plot.  Henry Winkler who portrays Benjamin Slade (instead of Scrooge) is a finance man, and is in the habit or repossessing many items he sells so he can sell them again to somebody else.  He is ruthless in what he does, even collecting many items on Christmas Eve.  Winkler portrays himself many times in his life, young man, middle aged and old man, and does an excellent job.  By morning his transformation is complete after visits from his old partner as well as ghosts of Christmas past present and future.  He returns Christmas Day to return the items repossessed, as well as leaving Christmas presents.  He also commits to reopening the quarry after previously saying he would not reopen it.  This would give hope for the future.

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