Saturday, February 4, 2017

Movie Review: ***^Saturday's Warrior (2016)

I have been thinking some on the new Saturday's Warrior movie.  It was a gift for Christmas.  Generally I like it, but I have a couple things I don't like.  The new song for the movie "There's Got to be More" is a lovely song, but I am not sure if it fits.  However the "Line Upon Line" sequence is beautifully done.  One thing I really miss, is the four-way music with Jimmy, his family, his friends and his sisters in heaven.  This is the apex of the musical, and it is replaced by a father's hug.  The hug in its own way is very nice, but not the same.  That said, turning the Flinders into a musical family is a nice touch, and rejecting the nose song another nice touch.  The conflict between music and church is well done.  We have experienced that in our own family as our kids struggled with how they could keep up their music and their religion.
Overall I give this very positive marks, but still doesn't carry the power of seeing the musical for the first time many years ago.  The choir is lacking, maybe that is why.
Cast includes Tod Richards (Mason D. Davis) Jimmy Flinders (Kenny Holland) Pam Flinders (Anne Daines) and Julie Flinders (Monica Moore Smith).  It also includes cameos by Alex Boye as the Heavenly Guide, and the Piano Guys.

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