Saturday, February 11, 2017

Movie Review: ****Sabrina (1995)

This is a story about two brothers, and the daughter of their chauffeur.  The daughter, Sabrina (Julia Ormond), has always had a crush on the younger brother, the playboy David Larrabee (Greg Kinnear).  However the older brother, Linus Larrabee (Harrison Ford) has been the protector of his  brother, and the businessman extraordinaire.  As his brother begins to form an attraction with the chauffeur's daughter, he takes it upon himself to keep her away, by taking her out and dates himself.  We all know in the end where that kind of behavior leads.  This movie is proof positive that Harrison Ford can be romantic and carry the part.  Although at first he is doing it out of obligation, it wears on him.  I enjoyed this love story which is a remake of a 1954 film.

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