Saturday, February 11, 2017

Movie Review: ****Tammy and the bachelor and Song: Debbie Reynolds - Tammy

I have always loved this song, and the movie.  I have a cousin Tammy, and this song reminds me of her.
Debbie Reynolds portrays tammy, a young woman living on the Bayou in a houseboat.  When her grandfather (Walter Brennan) rescues a young man, Peter Brent (Leslie Nielsen) from a plain accident, and brings him home to mend him, Tammy falls in love with him.  Brent eventually heads home to his family estate, with the invitation that should anything happen to grandfather, she should come to Brent Hall.  Grandfather is arrested a couple weeks later for moonshining, and tammy takes up the offer and arrives at Brent Hall.
This is a story about two different worlds mixing.  Most of Brent's friends, especially his girlfriend are dead set against letting a country bumpkin into their crowd.  Brent's mother dislikes her.  Especially when she learns Tammy's grandfather is in jail.
Brent Hall is not currently self sustaining.  Brent is trying to develop a tomato to change that.  He is also offered a job in the city.  tammy struggles with her feelings for Hall and whether they are returned.
Tammy dresses in a gown loaned to her by Brent's Aunt and previously worn by great grandmother for Pilgrimage, an annual event.  Tammy is charming.  However when a hail storm destroys the tomatoes Brent decides to take the job offer.  Tammy is devastated and runs away back to the bayou.  Brent realizes he returns her love, and seeks her out.  the movie ends with a kiss.

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