Saturday, February 4, 2017

Movie Review: ***^End of the Spear (2005)

This movie is haunting, and tells of the struggle of peoples when cultures clash.  Five missionaries are intent on transforming the Waodani people of Eastern Ecuador.  This is an ancient tribe, which feuds with another tribe and the go back and forth killing each other.  For anyone to become a grandfather is not heard of.
The missionaries finally land, and appear to be making friends.  However language difference lead to the Waodoni with Mincayani (Louie Leonardo) as leader.  Among those killed is  Nate Saint (Chad Allen) and the story is told from the reference of his son Steve Saint (Chase Ellison and Chad Allen). Other important character , who are essential to the interaction with the Waodani are Dayumae (Christina Souza) who is Waodani  but taken by the whites and raised by them, and Aunt Rachel (Sara Kathryn Bakker).  She spearheads the visit of women to the tribe as tribal men are less likely to see them as a threat.  Opportunity comes for the mission to flourish, and for the two factions of the tribe to come together and stop killing.  This is also a movie of healing, as Steve Saint returns to Ecuador upon the death of his aunt, and Mincayani confesses his part in the killing of his father.
This movie is very thought provoking.  It is true that the Waodani couldn't continue their killing ways, and their lives are better from the change, but it makes you wonder whether outside influence is always good.

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