Monday, November 16, 2015

Music review: Freedom Song: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This music is from the TV movie Freedom Song which is set in the south in the 60s and shows the struggle for Civil Rights by African Americans.  The music is composed and performed by Sweet Honey in the Rock and James Horner.  I generally enjoy Black spirituals, but this music falls short for me as it focuses on the negative and not on the good.  However "This Little Light of Mine" is a favorite form my childhood.  This version is special because of the rhythmic music as part of the song, clapping and thumping and I am not sure how they make the sound but it is cool.  I also enjoy "Oh Freedom" and "This May be the Last Time."  However a few songs are just too angry such as "Born Angry" and "Jonah's Last Day" is just strange.

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