Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Music Review: Christmas with Johnny Cash

Christmas with Johnny Cash, 2003
This was some beautiful songs with Johnny Cash’s baritone voice.  The only problems is his is backed by a women’s chorus, and at time they take the melody.  It doesn’t work as well.  A very special presentation is “The Christmas Guest.”  This is a retelling of “The Shoe Maker” as he waits for the Lord to visit him.  He provides service to those in need, and later discovers they represented Christ.   This is a story told by Johnny Cash with musical background.  Cash’s voice has a very special quality to tell a story.  “The Gifts they gave” talks of the gifts given by the animals in the manger, who gave their hay and their place of comfort for the new-born babe.  “Merry Christmas Mary” is a thank you song to Mary the mother of Baby Jesus.  “Silent Night” was so special I couldn’t help myself from singing along, and then singing it over trying to imitate Cash’s voice.

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