Monday, November 9, 2015

Hans Christian Andersen Stories: Short Movies: Nightingale; the Little Match Girl, The Red Shoes

This is a collection of three Hans Christian Andersen shorts by Critic's Choice
Nightingale: This short is actually very entertaining.  It places this story as an essay on the Japanese emperor, and his relationship with a nightingale who sings beautifully.  However the nightingale insists on being free, and sometimes this is hard if you are the emperor and want to have the nightingale sing at will.  He chases the bird away, for a wind-up nightingale.  However this bird breaks, and so finally he has nothing.  He becomes sick, but the nightingale returns and sings to revive the emperor.

The Little Match Girl:  This is a very good presentation of this classic story, with a different ending.  It puts the emphasis on the homeless, and how we usually ignore them.  However in this case this is corrected as the match Girl almost dies, but they people repent of their callous ways after seeing her blue and cold.

The Red Shoes.  This short I didn't care for because a family changes it's outlook on life by winning the lottery.  However the art is very good, and the story of a friendship restored is also fun.  It is interesting how the red shoes play a part in this.

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