Monday, November 30, 2015

Children's Alphabet Book: Farm Alphabet Book

Farm Alphabet Book by Jane Miller, Scholastic Inc. New York, 1981.
This is a neat idea, and the photographs are great highlighting the selected animal or implement.  However, by the end, they were running out of ideas, as what happens in playing the alphabet game.  I mean zipper for "z" is not very farmy; nor is umbrella or quill.  And counted the X mark on a sheep is also a bit of an overstep.  However, with some of the animals the also explain the words for the parents, such as calf: father bull, mother cow, or foal mother mare and father stallion.  Hen is the mother of a chick and the father is a rooster.  A young goat is a kid, the mother is a nanny goat and the father a billy goat.  Lamb is a young sheep with mother ewe and father ram.  Mother pig is called a sow, father is a boar and young pig is a piglet.  A swan's babies are called cygnets.

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