Thursday, August 27, 2015

Doobie Brothers - Chicago 1977 Full Concert

This Chicago concert was part of a TV series called Soundstage produced by WTTW Chicago.  This was after the Doobie Brothers had released their 7th album and many of the original band members had left and been replaced.  They had also gone through a stage with three brass pieces.  In this version they have two guitars, and three percussionists, bass and keyboard.  They band members include:
Pat Simmons - Guitar & Vocals
Michael McDonald - Keyboards & Vocals
Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter - Guitar & Vocals
Tiran Porter - Bass & Vocals
John Hartman - Drums & Percussion
Keith Knudsen - Drums & Vocals
Bobby LaKind - Congas & Vocals

Again, the highlight of this series is the last two songs, "Black Water" and "Listen to the Music."  These two songs stir my blood and get me moving.  They are truly rock classics.  I especially like the a'capella part of "Black Water."

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