Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book Review: Deltora Shadowlands

Deltona Shadowlands by: Emily Rodda, Scholastic, Australia, 2002.
This is the continuing saga of our three friends, Lief, Jasmine and Barda.  However this time their adventures take them right into the land of the evil Shadow Lord.  Lief, who is now king, must be protected to preserve the Belt of Deltora which they discovered in the first series of books.  This series is three books, in the realms underneath the earth, and then the realm of the Shadow Lands.  The titles of the book give some idea of the challenges.  “Cavern of Fear”, "The Isle of Illusion” and “The Shadowlands”.  These stories are just as exciting as the original Deltora books.  They fast many challenges, mollusk monsters who want to encase them in mud, a vraal which is bred for killing, tiny worms which attach to you brain and makes it so you belong to the Shadow Lord, and many other strange creatures, some of which are helpful—such as the eels who provide rides.  However there is much danger in this world, and the Shadow Lord is not beyond manipulating the facts and putting ideas into people’s minds. 

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