Saturday, August 29, 2015

Book Review: The Last Apprentice (4) Attack of the Fiend

This is the fourth in the series of Apprentice books.  It seems the foes keep getting more and more scary, and there is an increasing amount of evil or the dark in the world.  Our threesome, Tom, the Spook, and Alice travel to Pendle to see what they can do about the witches who are banning together.  (This joining together makes the witches more powerful.). With three covens of witches, other witches from out of the area, numerous others creatures from the dark side, and some good people who are just scared, and the summoning of "the fiend" or devil himself, our heroes have lots to contend with.  Worse, Tom's brother is kidnapped and held, as are Tom's chests containing gifts from his mother.
Even though these stories contain witchcraft and other dark arts, I am enjoying them.  There is lots of action and excitement.

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