Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TV Review: Columbo

Columbo is Peter Falk at his best.  His bumbling character, who is not bumbling but more hounding is a delight to watch.  Crime films in his day are much different than they are now.  Now they focus on the blood, and on Columbo the blood was not a part of the scene at all.  It is incredible how little the victims bleed. There is no blood splatter.  There is no KNA testing, no swabbing.  None of that stuff.  However there is Columbo, who has a sense about who the murder is, and then has to go about  proving it with the murderer doing everything to not leave evidence.  However there is always something that makes Columbo think, and feel ill at ease, and so he pursues things like a hound dog.  This is now available on instant Netflix.  There are many high powered guests.  Steven Bochco is usually writing the screenplay.  Columbo first came out in 1971  for NBC and was a staple for many years with the final production in 2003, although it was not a continuous run.  It ran for about 7 years, and then came back 10 years later for a 10+year run.  

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