Thursday, July 30, 2015

Book Review: The Last Apprentice: The Witch's Revenge (1)

This is an introduction into a world created by Joseph Delaney which includes things from the dark side, and “Spooks” who fight against them; even though they delve in knowledge of the dark side in order to do so.  In this first installment, the Spook chooses an apprentice, Tom Ward, and then tries to teach him fast enough that he doesn’t get himself killed.  Not all of his lessons are heeded, which leads to his releasing a witch.  This causes all kinds of mayhem.  This book is made more complicated as Ward falls for a pretty girl, who is the niece of one of the most notorious witches in the area.  It seems Ward's faith in the girl is mislaid, and the Spooks advise to not go near her would have been good advice; however Tom still has faith in her.
The story line in this book makes part of the story line for the movie "Seventh Son."

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