Saturday, July 18, 2015

Movie Review: Kilroy Was Here (2006)

This is part of the indie festival on PBS 2016 but was made at University of North Carolina 2006.  This is an interest WWII short drama.  It shows a soldier hanging from his parachute in a tree, with a branch having stabbed his leg.  He appears hopeless.  Some orphan children, scavengers, but with their own resistance of a sort.  There goal is to survive.  When German soldiers come by, chasing the kids and scattering machine gun fire, the man, Kilroy, shoots them.  The take his food, but one of the children shares with him, and is punished by the largest child.  They find his harmonica, and eventually give it to him.  However he is still stuck in a tree, and near death.  How can he survive?  The ending to this story was different than I expected.  I enjoyed this short.

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